Our first prototype modular home is a modern interpretation of the traditional American four-square for urban lots.
4 Beds, 2,000 SF


Modern Prefab Home

Beacon Hill Cottage

Seattle Urban Craftsman

Sunset Hill Cottage


air mod is a provider for custom architectural design for new homes and remodels, as well as sales & support for predesigned, modular homes. We are based in Seattle, Washington, with a prefab service area down the West Coast.

Client Centric

We enjoy educating our clients on options, and advocating for them throughout the process. We will establish a standard of quality for the project that builders will be required to meet. We enjoy a collaborative and exploratory process of design and will never force a client into a preconceived model that doesn’t meet their needs.

Builder Friendly

In today’s construction environment, having a builder on board early in the process allows the project to closely track escalating construction costs in the industry. We enjoy working closely with builders and fabricators who become a collaborator throughout the process.

Site First

Even in prefab, the site must come first. Our process begins with a predesign analysis in which we collect information on your site to ensure that there are no undiscovered features or zoning hiccups that will affect your project. With our prototypes, we are negotiating the line between standard models and site sensitivity.

Deep Green

Green begins with solar orientation. We and our partnering fabricators and builders are educated in green strategies such as super-insulation, airtightness, durability, indoor air quality, and low-energy consumption. Prefabrication is also a successful strategy for minimizing construction waste and reducing the on-site impact of construction activity. We are a resource for green options.