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An innovative solution for modern living, this single-family home + attached ADU has two ‘flex’ bedrooms that may swap between the two units.
3 Bed, 1,800 sf home + 2 Bed, 1,000 sf ADU

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Our first prototype modular home is a modern interpretation of the traditional American four-square for urban lots.
4 Bed, 2,000 sf

modern prefab home

beacon hill cottage

seattle urban craftsman

sunset hill cottage


guide to planning your prefab backyard cottage in seattle

New rules for backyard cottages are taking effect in Seattle on August 8th, opening up a new opportunity for homeowners to leverage the development potential of their lots.

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Based in Seattle, Washington, AirMod provide custom residential architectural services for new homes, backyard cottages, & remodels. We are also developing a new line of prefab-friendly stock plans. Here are some of the things we care about, and hope you do to:

  • Our design approach uses a flexible path. Projects are designed from conception to be friendly to prefabrication (panelized or modular), giving clients more options for deployment.

  • We are client focused as well as builder friendly. We enjoy collaborating with trusted builders and fabricators to achieve cost expectations, while remaining an advocate for the client.

  • Although we love prefab, the site must be discovered and respected. We always begin with site investigations, a zoning & feasibility analysis, and a site walk-through.

  • We are trained and committed to deep green, and this begins with the conception of the project. We offer super-insulated, airtight, durable buildings that have great air quality and low energy use. We have developed complex systems for energy, water, and wastewater independence.

  • Prefabrication is a means to an end. It can minimize site disturbance and construction waste, increase speed and quality, but only if it is expertly planned for; that’s where our experience comes in.

Reach out and tell us about your project!