guide to planning your prefab backyard cottage in seattle

New rules for backyard cottages are taking effect in Seattle on August 8th, opening up a new opportunity for homeowners to leverage the development potential of their lots.

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Our first prototype modular home is a modern interpretation of the traditional American four-square for urban lots.
4 Beds, 2,000 SF



modern prefab home

beacon hill cottage

seattle urban craftsman

sunset hill cottage


AirMod Architecture PLLC provides custom residential design for new homes and remodels. We are also developing a unique line of prefab-friendly stock plans. We are based in Seattle, Washington.

As an architecture firm, we rely on outside builders and fabricators to deploy a project. Our design approach uses a flexible path. Projects are designed from conception to be friendly to prefabrication (panelized or modular), giving clients more options for deployment.

We are client-centric as well as builder friendly. We enjoy collaborating with trusted builders and fabricators to achieve cost expectations, while maintaining a primary advocate for the client on quality expectations.

Projects begin with a predesign analysis of your site to ensure there are no undiscovered features or zoning hiccups that will affect your project. Prefab must be subordinate to site concerns.

We have a deep commitment to deep green. This begins in conception of the project with solar orientation. We are educated in strategies such as super-insulation, airtightness, durability, indoor air quality, low-energy consumption, and prefabrication to minimize site disturbance and construction waste. We have developed complex systems for energy, water, and wastewater independence from major infrastructure.